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Workplaze is a purpose built , quote to cash , platform for digital agencies. The platform is developed keeping in mind the specific needs of professional service agencies. The evolving needs of the modern workplace and the workforce are at the core of the platform. Workplaze brings the different management and planning aspects of a project/company like HRMS, CRM, Resource Planning, Project Management etc under a single platform.


We Have a Great History to Start Our Company.

Our History
Established with a passion for transforming the professional services landscape, Workplaze was founded in the year 2018. Over the years, we have evolved into a trailblazing force, driving innovation in Professional Service Automation to empower businesses.
Our Mission
At Workplaze, our mission is to provide a state-of-the-art PSA solution that transcends industry standards. We are dedicated to helping businesses achieve operational excellence, optimize resource utilization, enhance collaboration and deliver exceptional services.
Our Vision
We envision a future where businesses seamlessly navigate complex workflows, optimize resource utilization, and exceed client expectations effortlessly. We aim to be the trusted partner propelling organizations to sustained success in an ever-changing business environment.

Enhancing Productivity

The Need for All-in-One Management Software

An all-in-one management software app is crucial for a software company as it enhances efficiency, collaboration, and decision-making while providing a cost-effective and scalable solution for business growth.

Inefficiencies in Workflow
Lack of Real-time Visibility
Time-Tracking Challenges
Project Management Software-Employee Management Software

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Highly Customizable
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Cloud and On-prem
End-to-End Automation
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Embark on a journey towards enhanced efficiency and success with Workplaze. Our PSA software is not just a tool; it’s a partner in your business growth. Discover the power of seamless automation, collaborative project management, and data-driven decision-making with Workplaze. Welcome to a future where your professional services thrive.

For more information or to schedule a personalized demo, contact us today. Let’s shape the future of your professional services together.