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 Manage employees, clients, projects, timesheets, and assets on – Workplaze.

Key Indicators That Signal the Need for Professional Services Automation

Effortless Management of Employees, Clients, Projects, Timesheets, and Assets.

Projects Exceed Budget and Deadlines are Extended
Overallocation or underutilization of resources
Billing and Invoicing Issues
Client Relationship Management Issues
Managing Systems That Lack Communication
Project Profitability Monitoring
Resource Utilization Software

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The All-in-One Management Solution

People Centric Professional Service Automation Platform


Resource Management

Get real-time view of bench resources and hiring forecasts.

Project Management

Execute projects in agile, waterfall or iterative models.

Project Accounting

Track expenses, revenue and profitability at a project level.

Opportunity Management

Identify, qualify and close new business opportunities to grow your business.

Talent Management

Identify, develop and retain top talent to ensure a competitive advantage.

Asset Management

Treat every assets, allocation and status.

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Our Features

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  • Attendance
  • Skill Management
  • Employee Management


  • Opportunity pipelines
  • Opportunity kanban
  • Company/Contact

Resource Planning

  • Utilization reports
  • Resource forecasting
  • Resource allocation
Resource Utilization Software

Project Management

  • Kanban
  • Timesheet
  • Project Accounting


  • Asset management
  • Contract management
  • Reports

Enterprise Features

  • Google/MS SSO
  • On-prem deployment
  • Audit trails

The business OS for professional service agencies

Who is Wokplaze Designed for?

Facing a challenge of operational inefficiency, our team was unable to identify a platform to support our end-to-end business processes, leading to difficulties in measuring KPIs and a subsequent impact on operational efficiency and margins.

  • Big picture , sales , hiring , resource management etc

  • KPIs in real time

  • 360 view of the entire business in real time

  • Resource planning and utilization

  • Profitability in real time

  • Process compliance

  • Project billed on time

  • Run each project as a P/L unit

  • Budget and profitability overview

  • No more switching between systems and excel sheets

  • Effortless time tracking through Slack and Teams

  • Fast , user friendly and familiar B2C user experience

Why choose Us?

Transform your approach to project management

By implementing industry best practices, our goal is to improve project-level margins, enhance resource utilization, increase revenue per employee, optimize cash flow, and enable data-driven decision-making, ultimately contributing to overall profitability


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Resource Utilization Software
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Unlock the essentials for fostering a high-revenue services culture

Workplaze is a purpose built, quote to cash platform, that helps your organization improve efficiency and profitability.

Increase Profitability

Too much data creating noise around business intelligence? With Workplaze, you can have a bird’s eye view of the key operational efficiency metrics that really matter in driving business profitability.

Eliminate Org Silos

Bring all your teams and employees under one roof using the same system without any third-party integrations or applications. With Workplaze, org silos would be a thing of the past and productivity will soar to new heights.

Maximize Resource Utilization

Maximize resource utilization by ensuring proactive allocation of resources to specific projects or tasks. Know which personnel is assigned to which project, their billed hours, working efficiency, and much more.